Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Agatha stood amazed at what she saw. She wanted to believe she was in a dream. She was summoned up to meet the queen goddess were she layed. Agatha felt scared as she walked up to meet her she didnt know what to expect, or say or what to do.
She sat beside the mermaid queen and instantly she felt warm and calm. The fear was gone. The mermaid goddess held agatha on the hand and instantly she was taken back to when she fell into the water. The man she had seen was a messenger from the waters to choose some one worthy who can come into the water. Agatha saw how she was rescued by the girl who had led her to the water city. There was a huge difference between the top water and the under water of the Grandan River.
As Agatha watched her rescue, the queen mermaid stared at her strongly. She had always watched her while she was above water. She had a kind heart and she was going to train her to be what she wanted her to become. She saw the smile on agathas face she could feel how innocent she was and she knew she was the one. Although Agatha seemed happy that she got rescued but she felt sad as she remembered her family, she wished she could see them again. When the queen mermaid saw the hurt in agathas eyes, she quickly took her hand away from her and this brought her back to the moment she was in before.
She wasnt going to let agatha go away, love filled her heart,such innocent child should not be in that world, so she thought!!! Agatha was welcomed with fresh wine choosen by the queen mermaid and there were dancers and singers and everybody merried. She liked every single bit of the occassion but she wondered what the occassion was for. If she had died and was rescued by the goddess, then why all this merriment? She did not have the slightest idea about the plans the queen mermaid had for her.
 Back at the village, the story had spread round about Agathas death. It was hard to believe because the Grandan river never took people away, it was a folkstory that their elders use to tell them about. So, they new something was wrong about Agathas death.
Her body was buried few days after her death and it was a sorrowful occassion for everyone in the village. Such good child was taken away from them, everybody cried. Her mother was devastated and so was the rest of the family, but as time passed by,they healed gradually still having Agathas thoughts lingering in their  minds.

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