Friday, 20 May 2011

The Most Amazing....

 How would you feel if you woke up one morning smiling and you are content about your life, you have the most amazing dream job,the most amazing cars parked in your garages, you hear from a distance the voice of your amazing kids eating and chatting with the most amazing spouse ever. You giggle, imagining the look on their faces!
  Then again, you reminisce and your happy knowing you have the most amazing parents and brothers,sisters, an amazing childhood you had, the in-laws you have,amazing friends knowing them all your life and the beautiful amazing places you have been to in the world.
  Still smiling and content,your mind drifts into the future. You think of what it has in store not for you alone but for every single person and thing that makes you who you are and you know for a certain that the one Man who has made your life this amazing is carving and moulding every single bit of your future so that it turns out to be even more amazing! 'Hmmmm' aren't you so happy and grateful?
  With a sigh of gratitude,you go back to bed smiling and saying to yourself 'one hour and I'll be up again'. So you go back to sleep planning another amazing day.....
Hours after,the sound of a disturbed society with vehicles moving around and neighbours talking and traders passing children screaming and playing and worst of all the sweat from the heat suddenly wakes you up. You open you eyes to a society that doesn't seem to have colours in it and you remember your role in that society!
  Sadly, you realize you are back to reality being the young man or woman you are. Those dreams you had,that you imagined was the most amazing....your reality isn't even close to amazing!!!

It's not your dream and it will never be your dream. It's just a figment of her imagination of what 'The Most Amazing' life would be.

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