Monday, 29 August 2011

Agatha 2

Agatha woke up to find herself in a different land. She knew she had fallen into the river but she didnt think she survived. She looked around were she layed down and it was all shiny and glitering, jewelries everywere, things she had never ever seen before in her life. She tried to get up from the ground, when she heard someone speak behind her. She turned to see who had such a wonderful voice. She had never heard any one speak in such manner before. There stood a slim tall girl, she was the most pretiest girl agatha had ever seen. She had a  long hair, beautiful smile, and a glowing skin, she looked like she had had her bath in an oily pool filled with glitters.
 Agatha seemed confused. she wondered were she was. She was led by the girl out of the field were she layed. Agatha felt lost and amazed at what she saw. Life had never looked so beautiful  and colourful. There were beautiful flowers that smelt wondeful and she kept turning around and around, she had to see every single thing she passed. Finally they got to a very big gate, it seemed like the entrance to somewhere people were never allowed to leave.
As the gate opened, it was the most amazing sight ever. Agatha  stood with her mouth wide opened as she saw a large amount of people with smiles on their face all to welcome her. She didnt seem excited at first because she wasnt sure what they were doing, but as she walked in. She was hugged by almost everyone all paving way for her as she walked pass. There were roses in the air, every were glittered. Agatha, felt welcomed, even if she did not know anyone.
Suddenly, there was silence as agatha felt movements like water was flowing, then she realized she was inside water. From affar there appeared a very beautiful, spotless woman with a very long hair. She swam gracefully like she followed a rythm. She had the a tail of a fish desgined with jewelries on each scale, glowing so bright that agatha closed her eyes. She had never seen anything like this ever before in her life. She had heard about mermaids as a folk story, but she never thought they existed.... She layed down on well knitted mat made from the leaf of a palm tree. Everybody bowed down to her as she smiled staring hard at agatha........ to be continued..

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