Wednesday, 24 August 2011


In a distant part of the world, lived a family. They had left their previous settlement in search of greener pastures back to their home land. Like every culture had their ethics and beliefs, this particular group of people believed in re-incanation. It was said that, if a family member had died from an accident or any unusual circumstance, he or she would come back through the birth of another child. This could come from the family relation or from another family. They strongly believed in it and ensured that when such child is born he or she wouldnt die again through the same circumstance of their previous life.
Agatha had grown into a very pretty girl who everyone liked. She was a little baby when her family had moved back home. She loved what their society had grown into and was looking forward to learning more from the outside world. She had written an exam that would qualify her into entering the higher secondary school and was awaiting her results.Born into a family of six, she was the the third of them all. She had two older ones a boy and a girl and she had three younger ones, two girls and a boy. Agatha was a loving girl and her presence always put a smile on the faces of people.
It happened sadly one day,as she had gone to  the stream as usual to get water when she heard the voice  of a fisherman singing a song as he paddled his boat into the bigger river for fishing. He sang sadly and she wondered what had caused him so much sadness. As he passed by, she stared at him for a while before taking her eyes away. She fetched her last bucket of water and prepared to leave, when she heard a loud scream from the river side. Startled, she ran into the stream to see from a different angle into the river so as to help whoevere it was. Her bucket turned over, and all the water poured out .It rolled in to the stream and was floating away.  She had peeped but didnt see anyone. Turning back to her bucket, she saw it far into the stream,she jumped into the stream and tried to save her bucket. But it had gone to far for her and so had she. At this instance she had no control she struggled hard to swim but she didnt know how to. The stream flowed into the river  so fast rendering her helpless and weak. Nobody was around to save her not even the fisherman. Agatha struggled to save herself  but it was too late and so she drowned.
Night had come and she was not back home.Her mother raised an alarm alongside people that had seen her going to the  stream. This search went on and on, it was a terrible loss to the people as, Agatha was still not found.
Finally, after on week, someone ran into the mourning village screaming that Agathas body had been found at the bank of another river in a different village. Villagers, and everyone that heard this was full with fear and nobody wanted to go close to the body. The river had nothing flowing in or out of it, it was called the Grandan river, house of the marine goddess.
 to be continued!

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