Thursday, 18 August 2011

'staying away from guys'

Those days our parents had very funny and unrealistic ways of warning us about certain things. In the case of us girls getting 'pregnant' hmmmm. That word alone was TERROR. My mum would say, 'dont hug or shake a guy because you will get pregnant' 'dont play at certain places or ways with guys because you will get pregnant'. My friends mum told her that, if she stays with a guy in the dark and he touches her 'bambam' then she will get pregnant and she would have Aunty Julies baby (the neighbour) sucking her small breast. That scared her and she never played with any guy in the dark. Another said her mum told her to stay away from guys when she was on her P because if any should shake her hand she would get pregnant. Some other friend said her mom told her not to move at all with guys or be their friends if not she will get pregnant. Hahahahahah, Mothers were sure very funny then. Am sure so many people heard their mums say other funny stuff to them about guys. Then, we wouldnt dare come or offer a hand shake to any guy who had his hand stretched. Then the fathers had theirs, 'if you get pregnant dont you dare return home' if u get pregnant i will disown you and your mother if she begs me' if you get pregnant i will beat the hell out of you till the baby comes out!' Chaii a lot of scary words at that time, and then you start to imagine, what if i actually do get pregnant, were will i go? No more comfort like what i have, no more school,no more feeding or extra money for shopping,no more friends and the baby...... All those thoughts sure scared me.
It was this fear that made some girl panic for three months. Imagine you leaving constantly with the fear of being pregnant not having anyone to talk to, and not even having the chance to check if ur actually pregnant.... 
Now this chick met a guy at  the gym. They got talking no names exchanged though, but they seem to connect alot. Now, young girl desperate to explore but still hearing her mothers warning at the back of her head decided to try a little. After the gym, they both got really in the mood and they start to smooch and kiss and you know fumbling and all. She knew she had gone to far when the guy tried to stick his hands in her panties. She quickly told him to stop and she went home.
As she got home she smiled as she went to bed remembering how good she felt. But the next morning she woke up with serious fear as she recalled her mums words. A month went by, and she began to feel fat and and her breast according to her felt funny. She felt like throwing up after a meal. Young girl began her journey of worries, she became so concious of herself, she found her self thinking constantly of what shame she would bring and how her fatheer would disown her and how her baby would  be a bastard since she never saw the guy again. She would constantly be on the internet checking symptoms of pregnancy and how people still see their periods while their pregnant and how the baby kicks. She compared it to what she was goin through and to her the symptoms were the same. Nothing could change her mind, phsychology was playing serious tricks on her. She was pregnant. The baby kept kicking making her tommy pain her constantly. This went on for three months, she was having sleepless night and she wasnt meeting her gtrades anymore. 
At the end of the third month, she couldnt take it anymore,she was a troubled young girl. So, she went to the school nurse to do a test, she begged the nurse to please make sure everything was confidential and not even the next nurse should know. it was funny because the result showed negative. Still she wasnt satisfied, she said the nurse was not being truthful because the baby was so restless and keept kicking and turning, So therefore she wanted her tommy scanned. All this was besides the constant begging she added anytime the nurse passed buy.
'Your not pregnant ms' the nurse send convincing her that she wasnt. With a sigh of relief for the first time in three months, young girl slept and woke up and the kicking baby was no longer kicking. Every symptom had dessappeared!!! YEAH RIGHT!!
 Well, dont blame the girl, i thought she was really silly toooo!!! Am sure many of us had such distressing moments....... courtesy of our parents lol.

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