Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Am Backkk....

Hi everyone, sorry for the long while before this new update. I have been busy with the youth service and asusual camp was horrible but fun aswell. Thank God its over now.
  Anyways, have had alot of stories and i have come up with alot of them that i would love to share with all of you. Hmmmmmm, latest i had while at work was the woman at Ekiti who gave birth to a FROG! That story scared the hell out of me. When i saw the pictures, i couldnt help but decide to wanna share it with everyone, just incase u havent heard or seen. Only God knows the beginning and end of that womans pregnancy. At work people had their own opinions, majority said it was witchcraft! Well am still in shock,because that kind of pikin no be wetin God they give people. She had that baby in her for 13 months....... The baby they said had to bE disposed to avoid the mother who was unconcious from seing it. I would have attached the pictures but NO, its not a friendly one. So you can google it and see for yourself.
  It was this gist that led to another gist told by one of my bosses. He said while he was a child, there was a time in his village when two sisters were having a fight. he said the senior accused the junior of always gossiping about her and also ruining her sexual relations with her numerous bfs. She said this was so because everybody says shes prettier than the younger one. While fighting, the younger one was quiet and wouldnt reply to her older sister. All she said was 'sister leave me oh, leave me oh'. Their mother wasnt around and so the neighbours tried to stop the fight  but to no avail. The senior one beat the junior one and gave her a mark on her 'so-called' ugly face.
   'Now i will see how this your face will allow you talk in public' said the older sister satisfied with what she had done. For some reason the younger sister sat out side till it was dark. Her mother had come back and begged her to please come in as it was already so late for her to seat outside. She refused and sat there till daybreak.
   Few months later, the elder sister got pregnant. Parents were upset but at that time nothing much could be done other than accept the child. Also at that time, they would hear the cry of only God knows what from deep inside the bush. The villagers including him were very worried about what the sound was. Some said it was a bush baby, some said it was a bush pig, some said it was a wild dog. People said alot of differrnt stuff. The pregnancy began to grow, it grew really, i mean really really big. People were beginning to wonder. At the ninth month the belle was already to heavy for her to carry. She was in so much pain. Then came the tenth month, twelve, then the fiftheenth month. By then the villagers were already consulting and giving her things to eat so as to induce labour and reduce pain but nothing was working.
  The younger sister would see her and laugh, 'you never start' she would say.The sound was getting closer everyday and she was in so much pain. Finally the native doctors were called and they performed their rituals and while she was put to sleep the strange sound was sounding so close now. Suddenly at night she screamed saying 'its coming out,its coming out ohhhh' she was rolling ripping off her cloths screaming calling her mother to take the pain away from her. After few minutes, the 'baby' was born and instantly the pain stoped. But evrything and everywere was quiet, it was a strange baby,half IGUANA half human. However the cobination nobody here cared to ask. The distant sound was now present. According to him, while the sister was outside the night of the fight, she had seen an iguana. Whatever ensured between the both of them, nobody knows......
  Hmmmmmmmmm! What a story. Bottom line is eveything in this life doesnt just happen. There is always a reaction for every action. The frog baby didnt just show up. But we shall all leave our doubts to God who knows all and sees all.

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