Monday, 19 September 2011


Months passed by and everybody was back to their normal activities at the village. She wasnt totally forgotten. Agatha's family still mourned her loss and while her mother went to bed everynight  she prayed to see agatha someday. She would look around whenever she went out hoping that agatha would come back to her. But it never happened. Time healed her and the family gradually. Her children were doing well at their various trades and activies, so what more could she expect from the one's that remained with her. She tried to be strong and be there for them not letting Agatha's death come between them.
But down at the deepest end of the Grandan river, Agatha had become really close to the Queen goddess who was fond of her and wouldnt let her leave her side. She was loved by the other mermaids, she would play with the kids and help people like she did while she was on the top. She was eager to learn and everybody wanted to meet her and assist her in her swimming. They never had a human stay with them before and they could see that the Queen goddess had a very strong love for Agatha.
The queen goddess had no Heir to her throne. She had ruled them for a very long time and was now ready to have some one else rule. She saw Agatha as the Heir but she knew her people would never agree except Agatha completely became a mermaid, if not she will be forced to send Agatha out of the River. She became so worried as Agatha had no scale yet after leaving with them for such a long time. The evil Barry Mermaid Kings would come and over throne her and put their Queen in charge of her people if a Heir is not produced soon.
Agatha had become fond of her new environment but still she missed home greatly and wished she could go back and have a life with her family. But it wasn't possible for her to go if not permitted by the Queen goddess.
On one peaceful day, everybody was going about their varioius activities and doing whatever they were doing, suddenly, they all began to feel waves, it was coming gradually and strong like a million mermaids were swimming their direction. Everybody became alert, and started calling their loved ones closer not aware of what was coming their way. The waves became stronger and stronger. Agatha was so scared that she stayed were she was not moving an inch. The last time they felt such wave their direction, it was the arrival of the king mermaids and it was war. Everywhere was scattered as people looked for their family to protect. Agatha still stood there,the waves looked so amazing to her. From the top world, it looked like running water, nothing so facinating about it, but from underneath, were she could feel and still see it, it was magical like she had never seen before.
The Queen goddess ordered everbody into the secret hiding place. They had prepared  it in the shell of a giant turtle, it was one of the oldest things that ever lived in the water. It's shell was so big that on the top world it looked like a big rock that had its base inside the water. As the last mermaid got into the shell, the goddess looked out for Agatha and relized she wasnt there, confused and scared she screamed Agathas name outloud. It was so strong that everybody shut their ears,they could hear her pain. At that point agatha was back to facing the situation at hand and she realized that she was the only one standing there, she heard her name so loud and she turned and saw the Queen goddess swimming towards her. Agatha tried to swim to her but her scale tail had not yet formed completely so she wasn't fast in swimming. She could see the Queen goddess swimming really hard and fast to meet her so as to put her on her back like she usually did anytime they went around the River. The Queen goddess signaled her to keep swimming. But suddenly as she almost got to Agatha, she stopped. Agatha stopped aswell wondering why the Queen goddess stopped. She stared behind Agatha with fear and pain in her eyes confused about what to do. Agatha turned back immediately and she saw a large number of mermaids. They were over a thousand of them. She turned back to look at the Queen goddess, she had her hand stretched at Agatha, she could hear her heart beat inside the water and their eyes locked. She was forced to decide who to save as her people called her from afar. She could hear them screaming out for her to come back. Confused with the choice of saving Agatha or her people, she decided to let Agatha go. The Queen goddess couldn't let her people down, she whispered in the water as she swam away, her heart crushed to pieces as Agatha was seized 'I will come get you, i promise'.
Agatha was taking away by the Bally Mermaid King to distant part of the river........ be continued

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